Marvel says its movies are better than DC's due to 'brainpower'

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Jun 26, 2015

Considering that DC's roster of comic heroes includes two of the greatest ever to grace the page—Batman and Superman—Marvel's recent box-office dominance is almost hard to fathom. But one Marvel exec thinks he's figured out why they're "light-years" ahead of DC when it comes to the big screen.

In an interview with SFX Magazine, Marvel writer and film consultant Brian Michael Bendis credits the company's use of comic talent to leverage the properties and bring them to the big screen in a believable way. From Iron Man, to Thor to The Avengers, it seems to be working.

The latest example? Marvel's riskiest project yet, the great space opera that will be Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring lesser-known characters such as Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord.

Here's an excerpt from Bendis' interview:

"We first started talking about doing [Guardians of the Galaxy] years ago when it looked like there weren't going to be any more Star Wars films. It just shows that there must be something in the air. It's one of those zeitgeist moments when everyone is thinking about the same thing. Marvel is thinking about how to make their space epic work and here comes the greatest space epic ever & from the same company. It'll be fun!

There's a lot of brainpower here, so it was like 'let's put them to work. That's why we've such a strong hit ratio and it's why we're light years ahead of where Warner Bros. is right now. They should do the same thing with Geoff Johns and their other guys. They might be in better shape if they did that. Fox have hired Mark Millar to do the same thing for them on X-Men and Fantastic Four. It works, so that's exactly what you should do."

He makes some good points, and it makes you wonder why film writers have butchered the comic canon all these years to try and bring these stories to the big screen. If a character is popular, it's because people like the components of the comic. Marvel has struck gold by finding ways to tell those stories on film in a way that is still respectful to the originals. It gets the best stories out there, and it keeps the hardcore fans happy.

With Justice League currently in development over at Warner Bros., let's see if DC can hold serve.

Do you agree with Bendis' take on the situation?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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