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Marvel showing off 5 mins of Winter Soldier with Thor 2 (but there's a catch)

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Oct 30, 2013

Now that you've seen the first teaser for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, here's how you can see even more of Marvel's next epic.

Fandango reports that a five-minute extended preview of Cap's second solo thriller will be shown in front of 3D screenings of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World, when that film opens on Nov. 8.

Dave Hollis, executive vice president of theatrical distribution at Disney (which owns Marvel) said, "After Marvel’s The Avengers, the Marvel films are more interwoven than ever, and this pairing is the perfect complement to both of the new movies. Thor: The Dark World is going to be an exceptional theatergoing experience, and this sneak peek will really rev fans up for the return of not only the Mighty Avenger but the First Avenger as well.” 

Um, sure, Dave. Let's admit why this is really happening -- it's a way to get more butts in seats for those pricier but increasingly underwhelming 3D showings. That's nothing against the films themselves: It's just a fact that audiences are attending 3D screenings of movies less and less, probably because of the higher ticket prices and the fact that most of the movies coming out in the format look perfectly fine in two dimensions.

Still, we have to admit that even a five-minute glimpse of Captain America: The Winter Soldier after that knockout trailer is intriguing. What about you? Will you shell out the extra bucks and see Thor: The Dark World in 3D just for that preview?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on April 4, 2014.

(Via Fandango)


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