Marvel shows off its super-wares at Toy Fair 2016

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

The superheroics were in no short supply at Toy Fair 2016 last Saturday as Hasbro and LEGO showed off the licensed toys we’ll be seeing on the way from Marvel over the course of the next year.

Obviously, the toy companies get to play with a massive universe of characters for their product lines, but what was the big Marvel news to come out of the industry event?

What appeared to be the biggest news involved a little guy. Last December, a LEGO catalogue revealed a Captain America Civil War playset with a “giant” Ant-Man figure. The assumption was that Scott Lang would learn how to transform in Giant Man in the spring sequel – but that has not been shown in any movie trailers.

Certainly, toy playsets like these can include characters and scenes that aren’t actually in the movie (such as last year’s “Ant-Man Final Battle,” which featured Hank Pym suited up and fighting Yellow Jacket alongside Lang). But what was especially intriguing is that LEGO obscured the packaging featuring giant Ant-Man – literally hiding something we’ve already seen -- so it might lend credence to the idea that we’ll see a very large Paul Rudd on movie screens.

While it didn’t reveal much, the LEGO Crossbones Hazard Heist from Civil War, with Falcon, Black Widow (on her bike with energy sticks) and Crossbones mini-figs was just a cool little action set. I also dug seeing Carol Danvers Captain Marvel in the Avenjet Space Mission, also featuring a larger Thanos fig, Hyperion, and space suit Iron Man and Captain America. This is not tied to the MCU, but is a fun standalone adventure set.

Beyond that, in a presentation, Hasbro unveiled a glimpse at a Dr. Strange Legends toy based on Benedict Cumberbatch’s movie costume. Sadly, press was not allowed to take a photo of it, but it appears to be a less glam and gold look for the Sorcerer Supreme, even though it’s very true to the comics. It looks like what we’ve already seen in Entertainment Weekly, but even more in line with what a wizard might wear, in my opinion. The Dr. Strange tie-in line will additionally feature 6-inch figs of Iron Fist, a Dormammu build-a-figure and The Runaways’ Nico!

The toy company also announced it was breaking into the cosplay market with widely available to-scale movie replicas of Captain America’s shield – made of a plastic but with a believable metallic-looking finish – and Iron Man’s mask, which include light up eyes, some sound effects, and a face plate that can be taken off or fixed in an open position. Those will run about $100 each, and mark a very interesting direction. It makes it a lot easier for those who can’t afford, or don’t have the skill, to make their own items to jump into the world of cosplay.

Hasbro also showed off a lot of Captain America Civil War Black Panther toys, confirming what we’ve all been kind of expecting: T’Challa is going to be fan favorite from the movie. The six-inch Marvel Legends line included movie versions of him, Cap, Iron Man, and Scarlet Witch (as well as comics-based Nick Fury, Nuke – with a swappable mangled head -- Red Guardian, and Secret Wars Cap). Other cool six-inch figures on the way are Kitty Pryde with Lockheed, Havok, ‘90s Rogue, and Silk.

Speaking of the Legends line, Hasbro announced “Marvel Legends” applies to all its toys in that line, not just the six-inch figures. And it would be heading into a 12-inch line, beginning with Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Cap.

A ton of Marvel exclusives are on the way as well. Keep an eye out this year for 6-inch versions of a Jim Lee-inspired Punisher and Namor at Walgreens; Vision, Sam Wilson Captain America and Kate Bishop Hawkeye at Toys "R" Us; Captain America and Winter Soldier at Walmart; and War Machine and Disco Armor Iron Man at Target.

Check out the gallery below to catch a glimpse at all the Marvel goodies Hasbro and LEGO paraded out at Toy Fair 2016.

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