Marvel spending $10 million on live traveling arena extravaganza

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Mar 13, 2013, 11:23 AM EDT

Coming soon to a city near you -- Marvel Comics Live! 

Feld Entertainment, which is responsible for Ringling Brothers and Disney on Ice, has partnered with Marvel to take its superhero show on the road. According to Marvel's chief creative officer, this has been the plan for some time now, but the concern was about getting it right.

You always have those questions -- how are you going to keep it from being goofy, or silly, or unbelievable?

Those questions probably come from the trials and tribulations of the Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. While Spidey's Broadway debut may have become a success, its beginnings were mired in problems, from writing disputes to actors nearly plunging to their deaths. Of course, the difference here is that Feld is already an old hand at this, as Quesada is quick to note: "They're already doing feats that are superhuman to begin with."

Frankly, since Feld already has a cast that can do the stunts, relationships with arenas around the country, and a choreographer who Quesada said went so into Marvel lore that she "even geeked him out," we already have far more faith in this production than we ever did in Turn Off the Dark. Feld itself seems to agree.

There's so much mythology and lore with all of these characters - it's like going into this treasure chest of unbelievable gems. There are almost unlimited stories and shows we can create off these properties and characters.

And while a minumum of $10 million might seem like a lot of money to mount a show, it's a mere drop in the bucket when compared with the more than $70 million spent to get the Spider-Man musical off the ground. The only question is -- what Marvel characters should Feld take on first? We're imagining a huge spectacle like the Fantastic Four vs. Silver Surfer and Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds! Or is that too ambitious?

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