Marvel stars line up crossover to send powerful vibes to teen with terminal cancer

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Aug 31, 2018, 11:50 AM EDT

A handful of Marvel’s biggest stars took their heroic ways to Twitter after learning of a mother’s plea for celebrities to reach out to her son, Josh, 17, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Josh's mother has made it her mission to get as many Hollywood well-wishers as she can to send their videos to Josh.

Twitter account bio that she created reads: "On behalf of my son who has terminal GBM brain cancer trying to get as many celebrities to message him while we still have him with us."

Cosplayer Krissie Cosplay also put out the call on her Twitter account while sharing Josh's story.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who took a stand against cancer earlier this year, was the first to offer his encouragement, and also called for other celebrities to share videos for the teen:


Spider-Man Tom Holland made a video showing his support after being asked by Reynolds:


Both Chris Evans and Chris Pratt chimed in as well, offering well-wishes, prayers, and a bit of good-natured ribbing at Deadpool:


And lastly, Hugh Jackman offered his own words of encouragement and thanked Josh for being his fan:

Josh's mother his sent out the call for more heroic movies stars, including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Margot Robbie, and The Rock.