Marvel teases Dan Slott’s Iron Man will go from microscopic to 70 stories high

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Jun 23, 2018, 12:46 PM EDT (Updated)

The brand-new series Tony Stark: Iron Man is available in comic book stores now, and if you haven't already run out to buy a copy then you're in for a big (and small) surprise.

Marvel Entertainment dropped a teaser for the new book today, revealing some exciting elements to the story written by fan favorite Dan Slott, and featuring the exceptional art of Valerio Schiti.

In the clip below, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski talk about how Slott and Schiti have really pushed things forward in this new era, in terms of Tony Stark being the ultimate futurist, and how important it was to have the artwork match that and blow our minds in the process.

One awesome detail is how we'll not only see Stark, but also different variations of iron men (yes, plural) in all different shapes and sizes. "We'll see iron men that are 70 stories tall, and we'll see iron men that are microscopic," Brevoort explains. "Because really what Iron Man is, is Tony Stark and his creativity and how he applies his mind and body to the problems that the world has when it is in jeopardy." 

According to Cebluski, the artwork promises to provide us with things that we've never seen before in terms of Stark's technological creativity. He enthuses: "The artist has to envision things that we are going to see in our future, and put them on the comic book page, and Valerio Schiti is doing that in spades." 

Staunch Stark fans will know that he has been shrunk to a miniature size before, notably in Iron Man Vol 1 286 at the hands of Hank Pym. However, Stark doesn’t appear to have mastered this technology for himself yet, or the ability to blow himself up to being over 400 feet tall. Bring on the new Tony!

Tony Stark: Iron Man is on sale now. We recently got an exciting taste of what’s to come with 20 different variants of the cover art, which you can view here.

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