Marvel TV planning more female-led, Jessica Jones-esque shows

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Aug 25, 2017

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Marvel TV SVP of Original Programming Karim Zreik said the company is currently looking into new female-led shows, Deadline reports. He even intimated that they have one in development with ABC. It's unclear whether that's ABC Studios, which co-produces the Netflix series, or ABC the network.

Jessica Jones has been a hit for Marvel TV, ABC Studios, and Netflix, with the character (and Krysten Ritter's portrayal) gaining praise on her own series as well as in The Defenders. The second season of the show is currently being filmed, so her future is assured. While Agent Carter was a critical hit and a fan favorite, Marvel TV and ABC picked up the second season virtually on a loss, as ratings had already dropped to critical levels for the period drama set in the far past of the MCU.

So it makes sense that their new development would be "Jessica Jones-esque," as Zreik said. Who could possibly star in such a series? Well, we could see the "Daughters of the Dragon" spin-off from Iron Fist Season 2, where Misty Knight and Colleen Wing will be teaming up, as they do so often in the comics. While that would be at least two years off (Iron Fist Season 2 only got announced at SDCC 2017 in July), it's definitely a likely possibility. Likewise, a spin-off for Trish, who is Hellcat in the comics, is always a possibility, if not a likelihood.

Marvel Comics of course has hundreds of other characters to hit post-Defenders. A lot of their street-level heroes seem to be associated with Spider-Man and thus are off the table for Marvel TV, but characters like Hellcat, White Tiger, the younger, female Hawkeye Kate Bishop, Echo, or even a gender-bent Moon Knight could all be intriguing additions to the Marvel-Netflix corner of the MCU. Rumor has it that "Phase 2" of their team-up will include some of the more supernatural characters, opening up another world of possibilities.

Who would you like to see anchor their own show next?

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