Marvel writer promises new-look, teenage Ms. Marvel can 'roll with the big boys'

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Jan 30, 2014, 11:27 AM EST

The folks at Marvel have generated quite a bit of buzz with the new take on Ms. Marvel, and writer G. Willow Wilson promises they want to use the opportunity to nuke more than a few comic cliches.

Focusing on Pakistani-American, Muslim teenager Kamala Khan was the first movie to shake things up — and editor Sana Amanat says the series is trying to break conventions about the “same old white blonde superhero dude” by introducing a new, major female hero to the shelves.

To do that, Wilson says they’ve given the new Ms. Marvel shape-shifting abilities, which was an effort to avoid the “classic girlie powers where she's floating and sparkling and reading people's minds.” To do that, Ms. Marvel’s powers will manifest in polymorph-style, meaning she can grow and change different parts of her body (i.e. create a super-sized fist). Wilson said she believe that skill set will “really let her roll with the big boys if she was to get into a fight.”

With the series set to launch February 5, Alonso notes the origin story of Kamala Khan holds some similarities to classic Marvel tales like Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, as a “teenager struggling to find her own path who's suddenly imbued with great power and learns the great responsibility that comes with it.”

The first few issues will follow Khan’s efforts to develop her powers and grow as a hero, while balancing her home life. Do you plan on picking this series up when it hits shelves?

(Via USA Today)