Marvel developing The Punisher into punishing new TV series

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Dec 15, 2012

As if the multitude of film projects they're either actively making or developing weren't enough, Marvel and its partners at Disney and ABC are now out to conquer television, too. Along with developing properties for the Incredible Hulk and Jessica Jones, ABC Studios has now sold a script for an hourlong Punisher drama to FOX.

The Punisher sale is one of several shows ABC Studios—which is owned by Disney, which also owns Marvel—sold in recent days, according to Variety. The show will be executive-produced by Ed Bernero, a former Chicago cop whose production credits include Third Watch and Criminal Minds.

The show will reportedly focus on Frank Castle as an NYPD officer who uses the Punisher as his vigilante alter ego to settle scores for people whom the justice system has failed. FOX has already committed to a pilot for the show, so let's all start building our dream casting lists.

After three film adaptations—none of which were very successful—it sounds like Frank Castle may finally get another chance in a new format. But for a guy whose life revolves around, you know, blowing people's heads off with all manner of firearms, it might be a little tough to fit in on broadcast television. Who else wishes this thing had gone to HBO instead?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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