Marvel exec squashes a Doctor Strange rumor we'd hoped was true

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Dec 17, 2012

Earlier this week, it seemed that not only did Marvel have plans to roll out its big-screen Doctor Strange in Thor: The Dark World, but it had a big star locked down. Now a Marvel producer has come forward to let us know that, while the former may be true, that latter is sadly not. But there may be a little hope.

In the same interview in which she discussed a possible public release for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man test footage, Marvel Executive Vice President Victoria Alonso also addressed the rumor that the studio has signed Viggo Mortensen to play the Sorcerer Supreme in the next Thor flick. According to her, not only is Mortensen not on board for the flick, but they never thought to ask him.

"We would love to work with Viggo Mortensen. I've been trying that for years. But I don't know if Viggo is even acting anymore. I thought he wasn't acting anymore. It would be great to work with him in the future, but we don't have him signed, no."

Though he's largely stuck to smaller films since completing the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and though it's been rumored in the past that he was nearing retirement (rumors he himself discredited), Mortensen is definitely still working. Just last year he earned a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method, and this year he's appeared in On the Road. He hasn't appeared in any massive blockbusters since 2003 (The Return of the King), possibly because he's simply not interested in going that route again, but Alonso did seem excited about the idea of working with him—so it couldn't hurt to ask, right?

(Omelete via Collider)