Marvel's Bendis reveals potential plans for another All-New X-Men comic spinoff

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Sep 25, 2014

Marvel Comics threw a major twist into the X-Men comic continuity by bringing the original, teenage team to the modern-day — and now, it looks like another one of those misplaced mutants could be getting her own spinoff.

Dubbed All-New X-Men, the ongoing Marvel NOW! run follows the original teenage line-up of Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops, Angel and Beast as they are plucked from the past and thrust into a complicated world of mutant politics and battles they don’t quite understand. The run has been a breath of fresh air, and has really helped revitalize the franchise as a whole.

It’s also been a solid success, already spawning one spinoff series that follows young Scott Summers/Cyclops as he heads off to the stars with his space pirate father Corsair. Up next, at least according to series writer Brian Michael Bendis? Possibly the time-displaced Jean Grey, which is a story we’d definitely like to see told.

When asked by a fan about the odds of a Jean Grey standalone comic, Bendis replied he was “locking down plans for many things,” confirming a Jean Grey solo book is “one of the things on [his] list.” Hey, if young Cyclops can get his own ‘book, we’d say Jean has more than earned her time in the spotlight.

As most X-Men fans know, Jean Grey has long been dead in the comic continuity following the events of the Phoenix Saga — but the fresh-faced version strolling around in the modern day was plucked out of time before all that craziness occurred. She’s still had to deal with the fallout, as readers well know, but it’s been great having real-life Jean Grey back with the X-Men.

They’ve introduced some interesting twists to the character, including nifty new powers that have started manifesting in the wake of her future-transplant. Plus, after seeing how her life turns out (i.e. a ton of death and destruction), it’s been fascinating to follow the character as she tries to forge a new path, and that’s a story worth exploring. C’mon, Marvel — make it happen.

What do you think? Would you read a standalone Jean Grey comic run?

(Via Digital Spy)

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