Marvel's Chadwich Boseman opens up on his casting, what to expect from Black Panther

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Nov 5, 2014

It’s still a few years away, but Chadwick Boseman is poised to potentially be the next big Marvel superstar once his starring turn in Black Panther rolls around. So, what can the next comic-book hero tell us about one of the company’s newest franchises?

As we learned at Marvel’s press event that blew the top off the films they’re planning through the end of the decade, Boseman will make his debut as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War before starring in his own standalone film in 2017.

Comic Book Resources caught up with Boseman to talk about his recent public debut alongside stalwart Avengers Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans at the press event, as well as what we’ll see from the studio’s first (starring) black superhero:

“The reaction on stage at the El Capitan Theater was, like, amazing. Just to be there — the way that Marvel set it up and wanted to surprise people with it, it was one of the best surprises that I’ve ever been a part of….I’ve heard from a lot of my friends, and a lot of people I don’t know have congratulated me — but I’ve actually not heard a lot from other people because I went away. I tried to get away from everything just to ground myself. But it’s been amazing. I’m so excited! I’m ready to start right now, and they’re telling me, ‘Slow down a little bit!’

It’s been done before in different ways, but it’s never been done exactly like this. Wesley Snipes also had his own franchise — you have to acknowledge that. You have to acknowledge what [Anthony] Mackie’s doing [with the Falcon]. But this is a little different in the way that Marvel is presenting it, so it’s amazing.”

It’s interesting to see how Boseman insists they’ll be putting a different spin on things, which is good news considering that Black Panther doesn’t really fall in line with what’s come before. Much as Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy inhabited drastically different corners of the Marvel Universe, it seems they’re getting ready to carve out another niche here.

What do you want to see from Black Panther?

(Via Comic Book Resources)

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