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Marvel's Champions will address school shootings in upcoming issue

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Aug 18, 2018, 10:11 AM EDT

Marvel Comics recently revealed details for the September issue of its teen-fronted comic series Champions, which features a school shooting plotline.

The superheroes of Marvel's Champions series will soon deal with a foe teens across the world deal with every day. Gun violence in schools has been at the forefront of the minds of many this year, so it makes sense that comic book teens would deal with the issue as well.

Champions writer Jim Zub told Newsarama about the decision to include such a sensitive storyline in the upcoming issue, which lands when many kids are heading back to school.

“Earlier this year, I started talking to Tom Brevoort about writing a Champions issue on the effect of gun violence in schools," said Zub. "Marvel has always strived to deliver 'the world outside our window,' and this was too big a topic to ignore."

Ahead of the release, Marvel shared an advance copy with retailers but asked for details to remain under wraps -- aka no spoilers. But Zub did give a few details about the issue, which will center on hero Miles Morales and "is about a tragedy and the trauma that ripples outward from senseless violence -- and the people that come together to support each other to build a better future, which is the heart of every Champions story."

The cover of the issue is by interior artist Sean Izaakse and will prominently feature the words "You never think it will happen to you" imposed on the faces of teenagers.

Champions 24 Cover

Image Credit: Sean Izaakse (Marvel Comics)

Champions #24 will be available September 12.

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