Marvel's Civil War II event just took one heck of a twist with Miles Morales

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Sep 25, 2016, 1:02 PM EDT (Updated)

The world of Marvel Comics has been tearing itself apart the past few months as part of Civil War II, and the latest installment features one of the most WTF twists yet. So what’s up?

Spoilers ahead for Marvel's Civil War II No. 5!

Still here? All right. Let’s break this down: After setting up the faceoff between Iron Man and Captain Marvel over the past several issues, we finally got the superhero throwdown we’ve been promised in issue No. 5. There’s no doubt it’s epic, but the fight comes to a shocking (and premature) end when Ulysses, the future-seeing Inhuman at the heart of the event, has a vision that sucks in all of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (he can share his visions on occasion).

What does he see? A (seemingly) adult Miles Morales, aka the new Spider-Man, holding the lifeless body of an impaled Steve Rogers. He’s also standing in a wasteland of what was once America. Both sides see the premonition, and the issue ends with Captain Marvel attempting to place Miles under arrest. What are the circumstances leading to this? We have no idea, and you’d have to think the context is important (especially with Cap serving as a secret Hydra agent).

Now that we know what happens to Miles, solicits for future issues of his solo Spider-Man series make a whole lot more sense. Miles’ solo story is gearing up to put the Marvel Universe’s other web-slinger on the run, and now we know why. That should make for an interesting arc, and we can't wait to see what kind of strain that puts on his family life.

For those worried this could be the end of Miles, worry not, because we know he’s set to co-headline Marvel’s new Champions ongoing series with a boatload of other young heroes once Civil War II comes to an end. 

It just seems he’ll have some trials to get through before they form the teenage super-team.

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