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Marvel’s Kevin Feige not yet worried about Avengers cast moving on

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Aug 3, 2018

Over a decade after Robert Downey Jr. charmed moviegoers with his portrayal of Tony Stark in Iron Man, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is confident Downey and the other Avengers still have a few more Marvel movies in ‘em. 

In an interview with the Costco Connection (that’s right, Costco publishes a monthly magazine for its members and landed an interview with arguably one of the most important people in the MCU. What?), when asked what will happen when the actors who created the characters are ready to move on, Feige said he's not particularly concerned about that. Yet.

“I have no doubt that all of our actors, who are in peak physical shape, have got another 50 years in them to be heroes,” said Feige. “In terms of the specifics of how we will evolve the characters, thankfully I don’t have to think about it yet.” 

And why does he not yet have to think about this? Well, according to Feige: “’Cause we’re still finishing what we started here with Avengers: Infinity War.” Fair enough. 

But what if they do decide to leave? After all, Chris Evans has been making noises about exiting the franchise for a while now. And not only that, but Spider-Man: Homecoming has revealed that Tony has been designing a series of suits that no longer need to be manned (of which we’re sure Pepper Potts approves), which gives Tony/Downey a standing “out” for the series.

Well, according to Feige: “That’s what we can look to in the comics. And that’s why these characters are so relevant. I talk about 10 years of movies, but it’s 50-plus years of these characters in the comics.”

Plus, let’s not forget that Feige has previously revealed that the MCU is already working on bringing in a newer generation of heroes in the mix. So, regardless of what the original Avengers actors want to do following Avengers 4, it sounds like Feige & Co. have it covered. 

Avengers 4 will assemble into theaters May 3, 2019.

(Via Costco Connection

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