Marvel's new Secret Wars #3 finally reveals Doctor Doom's unmasked face

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Jun 4, 2015, 11:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, we alll know the future Tyrant of Latveria was scarred from a lab explosion while trying to free his mother's soul from Mephisto within Fantastic Four's comic-book canon, and that his face was further marred by the glowing-hot mask that was matched with it after being forged by monks, but it's been a while since we've seen Doc Doom's deformity in the full light of day.

Other than some random depictions in movies, toys and collector busts, much debate and doubt have been raised as to exactly how severe his mutilations should be, beyond those which Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created him with.   Here's a quick primer on the continual controversy:

The sensational Secret Wars series has chosen this week's issue of Marvel's Secret Wars #3 to unveil the supervillain's latest look, and it ain't pretty!  Behold the face of pure unadulterated evil in this artwork below, with Doom devoid of nose cartilage and a few teeth amid some seriously burned skin.


How do you feel about this latest makeover and is this how you envisioned him beneath the mask?

(Via Comic Book Movie)