Fantastic Four #1 Simonson Variant

Marvel's return of the Fantastic Four will include a variant cover by the great Walt Simonson

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Jul 18, 2018, 9:16 AM EDT

It's been nearly two months since Marvel announced the August return of Fantastic Four as an ongoing comic book series, and thus the long-awaited reunion of the company's First Family after more than two years apart. This was always going to be a big event, but with each passing week the red carpet Marvel is rolling out for Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben just keeps getting longer. 

The main creative team on the book — including writer Dan Slott, artist Sara Pichelli, and cover artist Esad Ribic — is intriguing enough to make the first issue worth a look, but Marvel is also continuing to pad out Fantastic Four #1 with variant covers. Last week we learned that a rare piece of art from the late Mike Wieringo, one of the FF's all-time greatest artists, will be one variant. Now, we know that another Fantastic Four legend is lending his art skills to a cover as well: Walt Simonson.

When you think about Simonson and his history with Marvel Comics, you almost inevitably think about his run with Thor first, but his brilliance is not limited to the God of Thunder. In the late '80s and early '90s, Simonson embarked on an epic Fantastic Four run as both writer and artist, churning out some of the team's best-loved stories (including issue #352, which features a battle through time between Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom that you must read at least twice). Now, he's returned to the First Family for this variant cover, which is itself an homage to his cover for Fantastic Four #334, which kicked off his run. Check it out:

Fantastic Four #1 Simonson Variant

Fantastic Four #1 arrives August 8.