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Marvel's Runaways trailer explores the team's new 'Batcave'

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Dec 19, 2018, 12:00 AM EST (Updated)

Marvel’s Runaways, which sounds like some comic characters that escaped their pages for a life on the lam but is actually a streaming show about not-quite-superheroes entering into its second season, has released its newest trailer after premiering at NYCC — and it comes with a better look at that hideout teased earlier this year.

It also shows off those evil parents, hunting for their children (and the dinosaur accompanying them). There’s the promise of plenty of training montages, interfaction drama, and yes, romance, as the kids try to undo the villainy of their super-moms and dads.

Check it out:

And those battles! Fans of the comics have a lot to look forward to this season, say showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the pair explained that the comic’s Hostel — set in Griffith Park — is their “equivalent of, like, the Batcave.” And it’s certainly cavernous. “It’s the biggest set that Marvel Television has ever built,” says Schwartz. “When [comic co-creator] Brian K. Vaughan came to the set for the first time, he had tears in his eyes.” Way better than hanging at the mall. Especially when you’re hiding out from some supervillains who also happened to raise you.

“This year is much more the cat-and-mouse [game] and the two sides going to war,” says Savage. There’re also plenty of new characters to complicate things, like Jan Luis Castellanos’ Topher. “He is a character who’s from the comics,” Schwartz says of the mystery man. “He’s not all that he appears to be.” As if a series predicated on parental deceit at the supervillainous level was going to be straight-forward.

Fans can find out Topher’s true identity and more when the second season of Runaways hits Hulu on Dec. 21.