Marvel's Secret Wars spinoff Weirdworld scores an All-New, All Different series

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Sep 3, 2015

Marvel's oddly addictive Secret Wars tie-in title, Weirdworld, has been given its own ongoing series after the All-New, All Different Marvel campaign launches beginning this month.  Solidly written by Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Original Sin), with some mind-blowing art by Mike Del Mundo (Planet Hulk, Elektra), this trippy sword-and-sorcery saga will bewitch you from the first issue, and news of Marvel embracing its delicious differences causes me to believe the House of Ideas is actually listening to its readers' feedback, or at least its bottom-line sales numbers.  Its veteran Marvel warlord, Arkon, battled a fantastic menagerie of mystical creatures as he trekked across the crazy, cobbled-together landscape. 

Whatever the reasons for its restored life, Weirdworld will continue to detour into more demented magical depths in Marvel's post-Secret Wars realm.  The creative team will shift slightly when Weirdworld goes solo in December, with Aaron being replaced by Sam Humphries (Legendary Star-Lord) on writing duties, but the hallucinatory art still being conjured up by the masterful Del Mundo and many of the original themes and concepts that made the book so alluring left intact.

Here are Humphries' comments on tackling the territory of Weirdworld in an interview with Marvel.com:

Weirdworld is a place where anything can happen. Weirdworld is a place inside the Marvel Universe. Weirdworld is a place where the lost can be found. But only if you are strong enough...  Weirdworld is a place that is ever changing, always chaotic, and a place of infinite discovery. Its essential nature is so mysterious that no complete map can ever be created. It is a polyglot of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and other weird things dug up from the brains of myself and [artist] Mike Del Mundo.

The main character of this book is Becca, a 16-year old girl from Earth who doesn’t land on Weirdworld, she crashes into it. She’s just a normal girl, who was already in the middle of her own tragic Earthbound quest. Now her quest has become even more difficult; she must find her way home through a place where good and evil are subsumed in a hurricane of madness.

Have you taken a trip to Weirdworld yet, and what do you think of its fantasy-fueled continuation into 2016?

(Via Flickering Myth)


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