Mary Mary, Where Ya Going to?

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Oct 9, 2007

I am at rock bottom. I really am. I have seen pareidolia both subtle and gross, but nothing so incredibly obviously silly as this one (note: the video on that page has made my browser all wonky (maybe it needs to be blessed) so caveat emptor).

People are claiming a reflection of sunlight off a window is the Virgin Mary.

Yes, really.

One woman made a big deal (both quoted in the article and on the embedded video) of how the apparition moved: "And as the night progressed she goes up slowly, and she just kept going up."

Yeah, so as the Sun set, the reflection moved up. Here is the sun flare:

I keep thinking, this is the 21st century. Men have walked on the Moon. We have instantaneous communications across the planet. We've mapped the human genome.


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