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Mashing up cosplay and hip hop dance, the Corps Dance Crew is creating a new genre [Fandom Files Ep. 40]

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Jul 21, 2018

When they perform on Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con's annual Cosplay Masquerade — the official cosplay contest of the world's largest genre convention — the Corps Dance Crew won't be eligible to win the contest. That will come as a relief to the contestants there, and really, it's only fair, because in the interest of conviviality and geek spirit, one crew shouldn't get all the accolades and spotlight.

Founded by Kayla Mallari and Sonali Samarasena in 2013, the Corps Dance Crew is blazing new trails as the first major group to blend geek culture, anime, cosplay, and hip hop dancing. And sure, that automatically makes them the best at what they do, but their growing popularity and orbit is a testament to their skill and flair. Right now the group consists of 28 pro-level dancers who also excel at designing and constructing props, costumes, and sets.

The Fandom Files spoke with Mallari and Samarasena, along with an original crew member, to discuss the crew's founding, their rising profile, their favorite cosplay, and plans for the future. After you listen, check out their performances on their YouTube page!

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