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Massive Last Jedi plot point spoiled by UK TV host

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Dec 15, 2017

Despite the internet’s strict precautions to avoid spoilers of all kinds -- even though there are those dregs of society who would seek to spoil intentionally -- sometimes even our best efforts are thwarted.

There are whole websites dedicated to spoilers for some shows and those who would rather threaten to shoot their friends than hear spoilers. That’s what happened to Star Wars fans tuning in to live U.K. talk show This Morning (hearing spoilers, not shooting their friends).

Host Holly Willoughby was interviewing star John Boyega about The Last Jedi and then she, unprompted, decides to drop a huge spoiler for the film. There’s no reason why she brings it up, and Boyega’s response is as shocked as you’d imagine. He’s mostly amazed that it happened at all, though his initial reaction seems to be a desire to jump through the satellite call and save everyone from Willoughby’s indiscretion.

Please don’t click on this link to watch the video unless you’ve seen The Last Jedi or don’t mind it being spoiled.

So yeah, that’s pretty major. Boyega’s reaction, in context, is surprisingly polite, considering a talk show host just usurped an entire movie’s worth of buildup. Hopefully not too many people saw this broadcast and got discouraged, because there are plenty more spoilers and twists to be had in the film.

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