Massive spoiler warning: The Flash pilot's shocking final scene revealed

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Uh-oh. The pilot episode for The CW’s upcoming Flash series has leaked, and now the whole world knows about that shocking final scene. So how does it end?

Massive, huge, gigantic spoiler warning for The Flash pilot!

OK, still here? Over the past few days, a screener copy of the pilot episode illegally leaked onto torrent sites, and is now among the most pirated piece of TV material out there. So, yeah, the secrets are spilling all over the place.

We already knew the super-powered world of The Flash would be a big jump from the much more grounded Arrow, and apparently the producers are going all in and embracing the time-travel storylines that often accompany Barry Allen’s super-speed.

If you stick around for the final stinger scene when the pilot debuts this fall (or happen to be among the throngs downloading it right now), you’ll see STAR Labs’ Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) walk into a secret room and pull up a virtual newspaper from the year 2024. The big headline for the day? “Flash Missing, Vanishes In Crisis.”

There’s also a geek-tastic minor headline talking about a “Wayne Tech/Queen Inc.” business merger, but we’d think that’s just a nice easter egg for the fans. Because, c’mon, if Smallville couldn’t get Batman during its decade run, the cowl probably ain’t coming to The CW anytime soon.

As for the Flash’s ominous bit of news? Most fans are jumping to the conclusion that its a reference to the major comic storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is certainly possible. But we’d be shocked if that storyline actually made it to the series in any recognizable form — most likely they’re teasing something different or setting up a tweaked, scaled-down version of that arc to fit the Flash/Arrow-verse. 

Again, it's very unlikely any major DC heroes needed for that story will be making a trip to these versions of Starling and Central City, not while Zack Snyder is cooking up multimillion-dollar franchises around them. Just ain’t going to happen.

But back to the twist: It’s a jaw-dropping moment, and a great setup to show this is definitely a different animal than Arrow. We can’t wait to see how they pay it off. What do you think?

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