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Dec 10, 2008
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A guy in North Carolina has the original flying saucer spaceship model from the movie "Forbidden Planet", and he's auctioning it off to pay for his bills (specifically, electricity to power his Christmas lights).

The auction is Thursday, and if any BABloggee has $100,000 they want to give me, I'll let you come to my house after I buy the ship and I'll even let you hold it. But only for a second. [Edited to add: assuming this thing is legit. Rereading the news article it occurs to me that this guy may be, um, well, not so legit.]

Oh man. I would love to have that ship. "Forbidden Planet" is awesome, a classic. And it's a flying saucer! That rawks!

Someone tell BABloggee Jack Hagerty. I bet he'd saw off his own leg for that model. Tip o' the Krell brain booster to Fark.