Mastermind Kevin Feige promises no 'dark turn' for Marvel Cinematic Universe

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May 8, 2015, 11:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Though folks like Joss Whedon and Jon Favreau get a lot of the credit for establishing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s all Kevin Feige’s world — they’re just playing in it.

Feige, president of Marvel Studios and the guiding hand behind the entire connected Marvel universe, chatted with a moderator over at the Marvel Studios Reddit and dropped some intel about what’s to come in the next few phases. Long story short: Don’t expect them to follow DC’s curve into the dark and dreary.

Though we still don’t know how long Feige himself will stick around after the next few films (his contract officially ends in 2018), he said humor will remain a key part of the franchise for the foreseeable future and there will not be some major “dark” turn in the next phase. Sure, Cap and Iron Man might be at each other’s throats in Civil War, but it shouldn’t be as dark as Man of Steel’s dreary dreariness.

Here’s an excerpt from the moderator’s notes:

"There is no dark turn in the MCU. He says every year fans come up to him and ask him if this movie is when the MCU goes ‘dark’ or takes a ‘dark’ turn. He said while the trailers may seem ominous or have a sense of impending doom, the movies do not have that feel, and will not. He said he ‘Hoped people would catch on by now’ - there will be no giant dark turns in the MCU where it then continues to head in that direction. The humor is in the DNA of the movies, there are no plans to change that."

It’s nice to hear that, despite the evolution we’ve seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, the series will not be taking a turn into something that doesn’t fit the tone of the MCU to date.

What do you think? Is the MCU good as is, or would you like to see a darker turn?

(Via Reddit)