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Matt Damon is running out of time in epic new Elysium trailer

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Jul 2, 2013, 4:05 PM EDT (Updated)

We just have a month to go until Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium opens wide, and a new trailer goes a long way in setting up the high-concept premise.

Following Matt Damon’s character on a mission to find a cure in the high-rise world of Elysium, it seems he’ll be jumping into the middle of a class war in the process. It’s a neat concept, and builds on Blomkamp’s fascination with class structures and trying to break them into a million pieces.

The new footage is stunning, and really sets up the stark difference between the ghettos of Earth and the luscious world of Elysium, where the rich get to work and play. You can tell Blomkamp got a much bigger budget to play with this time around, and he's making good use of it.

The film opens Aug. 9. Do you think it can capture the same lightning in a bottle as District 9?

(Via Screen Crush)