Matt Fraction talks the ‘final showdown' to end his award-winning Hawkeye comic

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Aug 27, 2014, 11:56 AM EDT (Updated)

It’s been one heck of a fun run, but Matt Fraction and David Aja’s award-winning Hawkeye comic is coming to an end. So how will Hawguy, Kate, Pizza Dog and the rest of the gang go out?

As the duo wrap up work on the final three issues (#20-#22), Fraction chatted with Comic Book Resources about the vision of the comic and how they want to end the acclaimed run. The comic has been one of the most compelling Marvel creations in recent years, focusing on what Clint Barton does when he’s not running around saving the world. Oh, and it’s also about his dog, the other Hawkeye Kate Bishop and his brother Barney.

As they close out Kate’s pop-art, noir Los Angeles chapter and bring her back to NYC for the final showdown with the Tracksuit Draculas, Fraction teased she’ll be a changed woman by the time she returns to Barton’s side. He also promises a “final showdown” that'll be worth the wait, plus a super-sized final issue set to clock in at 30 pages.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Sure, when we see [Kate] again she's really at her apotheosis as a nascent Hawkeye. She is never more Clint Barton than on the first and the last page of our next issue. She has kind of accomplished what she's set out to achieve although not in the way she sought to achieve it, and there's quite a price to pay. The issue reflects that, too -- it's the most chronologically fragmented and -- well, it's the most ‘Hawkeye’ issue of ‘Hawkeye’ she's gotten to star in. Kate's summer vacation is wrapping up. More will be revealed when our last three issues are out, but yes, this story has been about Kate leaving the nest, growing up and learning how to take care of herself. It's her figuring out for the first time if she's good enough for this job she wants so very badly…

The first issue out the gate, which is maybe three to four weeks away, will be the last Kate in California issue. Then our last two issues are the resolution of the story about the battle of the building. The first one is called ‘Rio Bravo’ and the last one is called ‘El Dorado.’ It's the final showdown with the gangsters and this grease painted psychopath that has been picking apart at Team Hawkeye like a sick child tearing the wings off of a fly. Also, #22, our last issue, is going to be 30 pages. We'll have an extra big finish.”

Looking back at the legacy of the series, Fraction said he’s still shocked they ever made it this far. According to him, they had plans to wrap it up at six issues once they launched, especially since he started out promoting the book himself with hand-printed promo material to generate some buzz for what has been one of Marvel’s weirdest, and best, comics in recent memory:

“It's insane. I printed post cards and buttons myself and gave them out all summer the year the book came out; like, I was the marketing department for ‘Hawkeye’ when it launched. It wasn't supposed to last past issue #6. So to say that the book changed my life is neither hyperbole nor exaggeration. It's been remarkable.

The readers who have come to us at every show we do are amazing. The cosplay, the makers and artists that reach out to us, it's incredible and gratifying and if I said thank you every day for the rest of my life it wouldn't be enough. It's because of them that we were able to do an issue where a dog solved a crime and one that had American Sign Language as its primary language. So it's been great and it's better to get off the stage before it all starts sucking.”

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed following Fraction’s run on Hawkeye, and head over to check out the full interview with even more info, digging into the recent (fantastic) sign language issue and Barney’s “lost years.”

(Via Comic Book Resources)