Matt Murdock has a new apprentice in preview for Marvel Comics' Daredevil relaunch

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:23 AM EDT (Updated)

After mixing things up in a sunnier locale, Matt Murdock is going back to his roots (in a few ways) with Marvel’s relaunched Daredevil comic.

Written by Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine, Uncanny Inhumans), with art by Ron Garney (Captain America, Wolverine), this run will take Matt Murdock back to New York City as he joins the district attorney’s office for the first time. He’ll also be rocking his black costume once again, but don’t think this is vintage Daredevil. The Man Without Fear will now be training new hero Blindspot as his apprentice. How did all that come together? It seems we’ll have to read to find out.

Taking over in the wake of Mark Waid’s refreshing run, Soule will have some big creative shoes to fill as he brings Daredevil back to Hell’s Kitchen. Considering the success of the Netflix TV series based on the comic, it makes sense Marvel would use the post-Secret Wars relaunch to get things back a little closer to the status quo. Here’s hoping Soule and Garney are up to the task.

The all-new, all-different Daredevil run arrives in December.

Check out some variant covers and a few preview pages for Daredevil #1 below, then let us know what you think:

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