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Matt Reeves denies rumors that he's left Batman standalone

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

There's no shortage of brouhaha surrounding DC’s solo Ben Affleck Batman film, so it’s understandable that the rumor mill would spit out yet more whispers of instability.

After Affleck backed out of directing the film and checked into rehab, War for the Planet of the Apes helmer Matt Reeves ascended to the Batman directing gig — a necessary injection of new blood. However, with the announcement that Reeves had landed a deal to take a movie to Netflix, chatter has started to kick up online speculating that this could only mean one thing: He may not ultimately do The Batman.

Thankfully, cooler heads (with access to insiders) have prevailed. According to The Wrap, talk of Reeves’ departure is simply “not true.” A source close to Reeves tells the outlet that the filmmaker “is writing away” on the script that will replace one written by Ben Affleck and DC entertainment president Geoff Johns.

And then Reeves himself weighed in on the matter, saying "It ain't so" on Twitter:

Speculation about Reeves' continued involvement kicked into overdrive after a video surfaced from YouTube pundit John Campea, in which he claimed that he had “100 percent true” knowledge about WB’s upcoming DCEU movies that would cause fans to “lose their banana minds, and not in a good way.” So that inevitably led to the speculation that the studio’s next big standalone film, featuring one of its biggest cinematic heroes, was going terribly awry.

Looks like it's not, if The Wrap's report is to be believed. Even if poor Joe Manganiello isn’t sure whether Deathstroke is still in The Batman, at least the film appears to have a captain at its helm, no matter how choppy the waters he must navigate.

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