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Matt Ryan to voice Constantine in new animated series

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Mar 24, 2018, 4:12 PM EDT

Some good news for Constantine fans has arisen from WonderCon this weekend. A new animated series featuring occult detective and demonologist John Constantine is coming to CW Seed, CBR is reporting. And get this: Matt Ryan, star of the live action series, is returning to voice the character.

Fans at WonderCon were treated to the first five episodes of the new series, Constantine: City of Demons, which are now streaming on CW Seed's website. Following the screening, the panel of producer Peter Girardi, Ryan, and J.M. DeMatteis took the stage.

Girardi said that regarding continuity, the show is speaking more to Justice League Dark. “This is something we see as launching this corner of the Constantine animated universe.”

A fan then asked if there was “a chance that live action Constantine will be coming back?" To which Ryan replied: “I’m always the last person to hear about these things. I hope so, but I never know.”

Now, bear in mind that this news comes off the heels of learning that Ryan's Constantine will become a series regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow next season, provided The CW picks up the time-travel superhero series for a fourth season. 

In fact, a WonderCon attendee asked Ryan at the panel about Constantine’s upcoming potential in Legends of Tomorrow if the show gets picked up for a fourth season, to which the actor said: “I think it’s interesting, really. John’s not really a team player so getting to see how that plays out will be really interesting — if the show comes back.” 

So, what do you think of John Constantine coming on board Legends of Tomorrow as series regular for Season 4, if it gets picked up? And what do you think of the new animated series? 

(Via CBR)