Matt Smith responds to criticism that there weren't more classic Doctors in Who 50th

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May 21, 2014, 1:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Some folks weren't terribly pleased (Colin Baker) that certain classic Doctors (Colin Baker) weren't in Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary episode, Day of the Doctor (Colin Baker). 

As Steven Moffat has already admitted, the most stressful thing about making an episode meant to sum up 50 years of TV history is that there's literally no way you can possibly please everyone. And one of the things many fans (and Colin Baker) were upset about was the fact that the only classic Doctor to appear was Fourth Doc Tom Baker.

But how does former Doctor Matt Smith feel about all this? After all, this was his penultimate episode and he was, in the official sense, THE Doctor for the episode. While at Calgary Expo, Smith commented on the criticism, saying, "I think there’s always an argument to say ‘Get as many Doctors in as possible,’ but I also think practically there are constraints. I was pleased to get Tom Baker, David Tennant and have John Hurt."

And that would come just short of being newsworthy, except for what Smith said about his one Who 50th regret and his hopes for the future.

It would have been nice to get Chris Eccleston. I love Chris’ Doctor and I think he’s great. Maybe one day.

Smith has been pretty clear that, if someone asks, he'll come running back to play the Doctor. But is it possible that he might also be able to convince Eccleston to finally return? You know, the 10-year anniversary of the show's return is only a year away. Just food for thought.

(via Doctor Who TV)