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Matt Smith reveals his favorite Doctor Who season

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Apr 14, 2014, 4:47 PM EDT (Updated)

Former Doctor Who Time Lord Matt Smith has revealed which, of all the seasons he was in, was his very favorite. Want to take a guess?

Speaking at the Wizard World Con panel, Smith revealed that: “For me the best storytelling was in Series 5. It had great adventure and great clarity, and I loved that whole idea about the Pandorica and the Big Bang. It was the one I connected with most.”

Season 5 was Smith’s very first season in the role of the Mad Man in the Big Blue Police Box, and not only featured the thrilling return of Alex Kingston's River Song, but also the return of those scary Weeping Angels in a two-parter that had us on the edge of our seats ("The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and "Stone"). It’s also the season when the Doctor’s companion Rory (Arthur Darvill) kept dying over and over and over again.

As for the Season 6 twists, here’s what Smith had to say: “I think in terms of revelations River being Amy’s daughter was a bit ‘what the hell?!’”

If you guys will recall, Season 5 also saw the Eleventh Doctor give that big, awesome speech in the middle of Stonehenge in “The Pandorica Opens.” Smith revealed how that big speech was one of his personal favorites: “I think it has to be when I [was] talking to the spaceships in The Pandorica Opens."

Then he added: “Looking back I think some of my best work was in my first series because I was actually taking real risks and that was a real moment.”

Have a look at Matt Smith’s glorious speech:

Was Season 5 also your favorite? Or did you prefer later seasons?

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