Matt Smith sends video to Who fan with inoperable brain tumor, continues to be the best

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Feb 20, 2014, 11:52 AM EST (Updated)

Matt Smith is an incredibly good man.

If there's one thing that Who fans know, it's that once an actor plays the Doctor, he's always going to be the Doctor. And that's a challenge, because it carries with it a great responsibility. Tom Baker famously always acted like the Doctor in public during his entire tenure in the role. Even all these years later, he's still kind of playing the Doctor.

And while he's fresh out of the part and currently playing psycho-in-a-suit Patrick Bateman, Matt Smith is not shirking his Doctorly duties.

Which is why 4-year-old Jack Robinson, who has been dealing with an inoperable brain tumor awoke to a very special video from his favorite actor from his favorite show.

It's a beautiful gesture and heartbreaking, too, because you can tell that Smith feels like he ought to be there, ought to be doing more somehow. He promises to send some stuff along and to try and make it out to see Jack in a few months' time. 

Matt Smith may not actually be a benevolent alien who can travel anywhere in space and time, but he's definitely the sort of incredibly kind someone who wouldn't just stand there and watch children cry. Here's hoping he'll get to see Jackson in person soon.

(via Doctor Who TV)