Matt Smith teases the crap out of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary

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Mar 19, 2013, 11:51 AM EDT (Updated)

Matt Smith is at it again. The Doctor Who actor is teasing the crap out of us for the show’s upcoming special 3D 50th anniversary set to materialize in the fall.

In the Birminghman Mail, Smith was saying how the upcoming Who 50th anniversary was going to be the "biggest, best, most inventive and most exciting year for the show."

"It sort of does what it says on the tin," he grins. "You won't be disappointed!
"I think it's hilarious, I think it's epic and I think it's fast, and I'm telling you nothing more - but you will NOT be disappointed.
"I think it's going to be the biggest, best, most inventive and most exciting year for the show and I think this script delivers on all those points that you want it to for where the show is at this time, it's brilliant."

So ... we guess the point here is we will not be disappointed. And what did new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman had to say about the 50th?

"It pays homage to the last 50 years of the show and kind of really celebrates that, but at the same time as looking forward."

Could you guys get even more all mysterious and stuff?

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who showrunner extraordinaire, has teased that this season will see the Doctor’s biggest secret revealed yet.

"We're not kidding, we are actually going to do it, we're going to reveal his biggest secret."

Let's make it simple: How about DOCTOR WHO? But we can also go with who/what the heck is Clara Oswin Oswald? Works for us. (Though the Who question is the biggest secret the Doctor has.) How about you?

(via Birmingham Mail)

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