Matt Smith DEFINITELY coming back next year as Doctor Who

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Dec 14, 2012

When the head of the BBC and the guy running Doctor Who say that Matt Smith will be back next season, you can pretty much take that to the bank!

And that's exactly what happened today. First BBC programming chief Sam Hodges tweeted that Doctor Who would be back next year with 14 new episodes AND Matt Smith:

Showrunner Steven Moffat followed immediately with a tweet of his own, confirming that Smith would be back for another 14 episodes and adding: "I've got a plan and I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IT IS."

When those two guys say that Smith and the show will both be back for the seventh season (or series, as the Brits call it) of the modern-day Who, we'd say that's pretty much confirmed, wouldn't you?

Meanwhile, the first half of this year's series ends this weekend on a major cliffhanger, with the next six episodes to air this fall. But once that's over, fans will be able to relax and enjoy the break, because the Doctor is definitely coming back in 2012!