Matt Smith on Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who script: 'Oh, lord!'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

We may not have read the entire script Neil Gaiman wrote for an upcoming episode of Doctor Who, but the actor who brings the Time Lord to life HAS, and his reaction can be summed up in two words: "Oh, lord!"

According to SFX, which sent one of its writers to London to interview Matt Smith for an upcoming issue, the actor was found "waving Neil Gaiman's freshly delivered script for season six." Unfortunately, Smith wouldn't reveal anything more than that gobsmacked reaction, but we're certainly hoping WE have the same reaction when it hits the screen.

And what's in the script? We don't really know. But we do know what ISN'T in the script, since Gaiman shared some of that on his blog. A week ago, then hard at work on the 10th draft, he wrote:

Anything that wasn't moving the plot forward has gone. Lots of interesting chatty background conversations in the TARDIS, gone. Lines of dialogue that were fun in themselves but weren't really needed? Gone. And the food scene? Very gone indeed. It's been gone since draft six. Given that it's not there any longer, and that that tells you absolutely nothing about the story except that it now doesn't have a scene with a bowl of food in it, I thought I'd borrow it back from Lucien's library.

And here's that missing scene:


Is it something people can eat?
(to Doctor)
Shouldn't you scan it with your screwdriver or something?

Why would I scan food with my screwdriver?


See if it's safe?

The Doctor leans over, dips his finger into his bowl, tastes it.


Some unusual trace elements, smidge too much background radiation, but, yeah, very yummy.

Amy is about to try some of his food ... he stops her.

THE DOCTOR (cont'd)
No. Don't put it in your mouth.


Not for humans?


Not for you. Tastes like Marmite on socks.

So do you think Gaiman's script will have you going "Oh, lord!" too?