Matt Smith teases Doctor Who season 7 monsters and casting news

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Dec 16, 2012

Matt Smith's getting ready to film the upcoming seventh season of Doctor Who, and though we all know he can't reveal too much (Smith funnily mimicked getting shot in the head if he did), he did drop some mysterious hints about what's coming up for the Doctor now that he's stepped back into the shadows.

Smith dropped the small hints in a video interview with The Guardian. Get ready for some teasing, and the reveal that the Doctor Who powers-that-be may have cast—and signed—a big name for an upcoming Who episode. But remember what River Song always says: shhhh ... spoilers! That's a rule Smith seems to be stickin' with in this interview.

"I start filming Doctor Who on 20th February and I'm very excited. It's a long shoot but we've got four or five scripts which look in really good shape," Smith said.

He added, "The casting is going very well. I got a lovely bit of news this morning about someone who's going to be in it. I couldn't possibly tell you but it's exciting. You'll know him ... Or her."

Darn it! Right now, we could go through the entire list of well-known English actors and actresses and wouldn't know from Adam who got cast. So many awesome names to think about. Frustrating much, Mr. Smith? You're good. You're very, very good. Moving on.

Then the 29-year-old went on to speak about filming in the cold: "In one of the scripts, a lot of it is outdoors. But there are worse ways to spend your evenings than being the Doctor and having monsters run down streets that there shouldn't be monsters on."

As always, we say, bring on the monsters! And does anyone care to take some wild guesses as to who the big-name exciting guest on Doctor Who could be?

(Most of the video has to do with theater, so fast-forward to 5:55 for Who-related stuff).

(via Doctor Who TV)