Matt Smith thinks it's time Doctor Who got a whole new look

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Dec 15, 2012

Does Matt Smith—who plays the beloved 11th incarnation of the Doctor on Doctor Who—no longer think that bow ties and tweed jackets are cool? Could be, because the actor thinks it's time for the Time Lord to get a new look.

Smith, who attended a private viewing of the fashion label Acne's collaboration with artist Daniel Silver in Mayfair with his girlfriend Daisy Lowe, revealed he'd recently been thinking about a new look for the now 1200-year-old alien from Gallifrey—despite having added a new long forest green jacket to his wardrobe this past season, along with an awesome Stetson cowboy hat to boot.

"I had some input initially with the bow tie and tweed," said Smitt. But now the poor guy apparently feels he's ''stuck'' with the look he had a hand in creating. (Originally the 11th Doctor was going to have more of a pirate-y look. Smith was apparently miserable in the proposed costume and came up with the tweed jacket, suspenders and bow tie we all now know and love.)

So what does he propose next? Well, he thinks a spot of leather for the new costume would be nice. "That would be good," he answered thoughtfully.

That could be nice, Matt, but remember: (black) leather was the look the Ninth Doctor—played by Christopher Eccleston—rocked a couple of years back on Doctor Who.

If Smith gets his wish, the ''new look'' probably won't stray too far from the one he already has. After all, and as most of you already know, each and every Doctor in Who history has had A LOOK that uniquely defined him.

So what do you think? Should Matt Smith's Doctor have a new look? Or would you rather he keep the one he has?

(via The Telegraph)