Mattel unveils their royal line of new Wonder Woman toys

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:15 AM EDT (Updated)

Ahead of director Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman film being released this summer, Mattel has released the first images of their new toy line based on the movie via EW. Whether you call them dolls, fashion figurines or action figures makes no difference -- these finely-detailed collector pieces are filled with the loving spirit of Hera and will hit store shelves later this spring.

This pre-Toy Fair peek offers a glimpse at the 12-inch Wonder Woman in full-on classic red-and-blue battle getup ($15); a Diana-in-training figure complete with gold outfit and bow and arrow ($15); Diana decked out in a blue gown with concealed sword ($15); Wonder Woman mounted atop a black charger ($30); Queen Hippolyta riding her own golden-maned stallion ($30); a Stever Trevor two-pack with Diana ($27); Diana's trusty sword with sounds effects ($20); and her silver and gold bow with six darts ($25, and Wonder Woman's tiara and bracers ($10).

Browse through Mattel's first wave of Wonder Woman toys in the gallery below.

(via io9)