Matthew Fox explains what the Sideways was in Lost

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Can we take a break from trying to figure out what the ending of Inception meant and get back to trying to figure out what the ending of Lost meant? And rather than just debating what WE think, let's hear Matthew Fox's opinion.

Here's what Fox had to say during Newsweek's Emmy roundtable:

"There are certain religious beliefs, spiritual ideas, that when you die, you have to remember your own death in the moment of your death, you have to remember all the people that brought you to that, all the people that were most important to you, bringing you to that moment. And essentially that's what the entire Sideways was, I believe, in the sixth season. The moment that Jack was dying he was being reunited with all the people that had brought him to his death so he could move on to whatever was next. I thought it was pretty beautiful. Very spiritual. I'm not necessarily a religious person.

For more, including whether Fox really knew the last shot of the series in advance, check out the full interview below.

Does that change at all how you feel about the ending of Lost?