Matthew Fox reveals what World War Z's rewrites were really about

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Matthew Fox still believes in World War Z. Despite all the bad buzz following the movie around, the co-star says the original ending wasn't that bad—and reveals why the studio wanted to go back and change it, anyway.

Fox says the film, which also stars Brad Pitt, actually "kicks ass." Based on Max Brooks' novel of the same name, the flick is set in the wake of a zombie apocalypse and hopes to be a sweeping, smart sci-fi tale. Here's hoping.

A pretty significant round of rewrites and reshoots, with everyone from Drew Goddard to Damon Lindelof, has cast a black cloud over the film. But Fox told Collider he thinks it will still be worth the wait:

"And they can have no basis in fact at all and suddenly it become[s] like a notion out there that World War Z is having problems. Everybody who I've spoken to that's seen the film - it rocks, dude; it's going to kick ass.  And the only issue that I'm hearing with the film is that they want to work on the third act; the end of the film."
He then elaborates on why, exactly, the ending was tweaked. Basically, the studio sees (or perhaps saw) the film as the first entry in a potential trilogy, and the original ending was designed to leave us wanting more. Apparently, the studio thought it left us wanting a little too much, so they want to provide a more complete ending to the film:
"Obviously it's supposed to be a trilogy, so they're, you know I think they're fine tuning an ending that feels like this movie wraps. In the original script I always felt it was the perfect combination of a complete film on its own and yet at the same time left you going like, 'Oh my god, we need another installment.'  And so I think they're just really fine tuning that, and it might require some additional shooting to get it the way they want it.  And I hear that Mr. Lindelof has been brought in to help with that."
This actually gives the rewrite a bit more perspective, and explains why the tweaks have been mostly aimed at the third act. It's never easy to make an ending feel complete and simultaneously set-up a potential sequel—and that's apparently the tightrope they're trying to walk.

What do you think? Does this alleviate your fears for World War Z?

(Via Collider)