Matthew Vaughn to make more Millar with Superior & The Secret Service

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Dec 15, 2012

Ever since X-Men: First Class became the superhero hit of the year, we've been waiting to hear what director Matthew Vaughn would do next, and more than a few people thought it would be a First Class sequel. Now it seems that Vaughn is instead returning to the work of Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar for not one, but two more comic book adaptations.

The first of these projects is Superior, an adaptation of Millar's superhero comic first published in 2010 on Marvel's ICON imprint. It's the story of a boy with multiple sclerosis who idolizes superheroes and then gets his chance to become one, but at a great cost. The second, The Secret Service, was just announced by Millar and Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons this week for a February 2012 release, and all we know is it's a spy drama. Bleeding Cool is also reporting that Vaughn will also be listed as a co-creator on the book, so maybe the film was in the cards all along.

Both of these projects are very new at this point, so no names other than Vaughn's are attached. It has been reported that he'll likely work directly on the script for The Secret Service while only supervising the writing for Superior, but there's nothing concrete on that front yet.
After a stressful First Class production, it seems Vaughn is moving back into his comfort zone with smaller, creator-owned comic book material to adapt to film. But hey, Kick-Ass worked out well, so we're excited to see what the Millar/Vaughn combo produces this time around.
(Via indieWIRE)

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