May 11: This day in sci-fi history: The Salvador Dali Zone

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May 11, 2017

Today in science fiction history, Salvador Dali was born. In 1904. In Catalonia, Spain. Kind of a stretch from there to science fiction history, but a good time to browse some Dali paintings. Which … are probably relevant to your interests. Get in there, team.

Today is officially National Twilight Zone Day. Like most of these screwball holidays, it remains not entirely clear why we celebrate it today, but we definitely want to call it out, because duh. Here are some fond freaky memories.

William Shatner freaks out while flying:

The spooky kid with the psychic powers:

Pre-Bewitched Agnes Moorehead chooses not to use her witch powers to fight off invaders:

Tomorrow: Happy Birthday, Homer Simpson! 

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