May 12 in sci-fi history: Happy Birthday, Homer Simpson!

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May 12, 2017

The Simpsons has a big universe, and the laws of time aren't always super well held together. Characters are perpetually the same age despite the passage of time, and timelines are often held together with some pretty flimsy glue.

Honestly, that's one of the best things about the show.

One of the things that DOES hold fast, however, is the date of someone's birthday. And today, May 12, is Homer Simpson's birthday.

He's still somewhere between 34 and 38, but he was born on May 12.

And so, in honor, here are some (but again, not all, help us out) of The Simpsons' greatest sci-fi moments:


Homer in Space:

Cosmic Wars:

The Miyazaki Tribute:

And … Mark Hamill Guys and Dolls:

Additionally, it was on this day in 1988 that the movie Earth Girls are Easy premiered. So ... time for a makeover.

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