May 14 in sci-fi history: Yer Mom is Outta This World

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May 14, 2017, 3:46 PM EDT

First, let's get this out of the way: Today George Lucas turns 73 years old. If you have his number, give him a call and wish him well. He's lounging about somewhere with his feet up. Surrounded by merchandise. 

Mainly, though, it's Mother's Day, and around here we take that pretty seriously. We've definitely ranked some science fiction moms before. See this one about dysfunctional mother/child relationships, or the one where that sweet mom explains the Matrix.  

We knew we wouldn't top those, so we reached into our noodles and tried to pull out a very specific type of science fiction mom -- the mom who has a child with special powers when she herself does not. So, like, muggle moms. We undoubtedly missed some. Please keep us honest below, but here are a few: 

Donna Garland (Out of This World): 
Played by Donna Pescow, Donna Garland's daughter Evie was a half-alien. Hijinx ensue. 

Margaret White (Carrie):
Piper Laurie goes after the dirty pillows. And terrifies a generation of people. 


Mary (E.T.)
Dee Wallace has a lot to contend with a lot. Her ex is in Mexico (and he hates Mexico) with a girlfriend, and her kid is sharing a soul with an alien.

Martha Kent (Superman):
We know Diane Lane also played it. And at one point, so did Helen Slater. But Phyllis Thaxter will always be our Martha Kent.

Joyce Byers (Stranger Things)
Winona Ryder plays a mom to whom nothing makes sense. Until it does. And then it REALLY doesn't.

Who'd we miss? Tell us below, and Happy Mother's Day all around, team.