May 20 in Sci-Fi History: Toonces the Driving Cat

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May 20, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a television legend named Toonces ... the cat who could drive a car.

Saturday Night Live premiered the sketch on this day in 1989, and rather than tell you anything about it, here:


That’s pretty much how they all went.

Today also happens to be the birthday of actress Mindy Cohn.

You know her best as Natalie from The Facts of Life, but these days she spends a lot of her time doing voiceover work, including the voice of Velma Dinkley. Despite having a hard time keeping track of her glasses, can we at least agree that Velma is by far the best part of Scooby-Doo and always has been? Yes?


Tomorrow: Clips of people in masks kissing each other.

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