May 9: This day in sci-fi history: 20 Years of The Fifth Element

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May 9, 2017, 11:30 AM EDT

20 years ago today, The Fifth Element opened in theaters. There are too many amazing things about this movie to count.

But Ruby Rhod, the character played by Chris Tucker, is exactly what you want him to be:

Milla Jovovich speaks in poetry and gibberish all the way through:

Gary Oldman is INSANE and also it might be his best work?

And Bruce Willis is … look, Bruce Willis plays himself in space, what do you expect?

Weird thing about this movie is that it's one of those movies about which a LOT of people say "I’ve never seen it." If you know someone like that, intervene immediately.

Also, Soylent Green premiered on this day in 1973.

And Short Circuit in 1986. No. 5 is Alive!