May the fourth be with you: Company now selling real lightsabers

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Dec 17, 2012

In a very smart marketing move, a tech company has announced a real(ish), working lightsaber—perfect timing, considering today is Star Wars Day.

The folks at Wicked Lasers have created what they affectionately call the LaserSaber, which is a pretty obvious homage to the lightsabers made famous in George Lucas' Star Wars films.

So how does it work?

LaserSabers are energized by the light of Wicked Lasers, harnessing the power of the force. The LaserSaber features an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that can "power up" and "power down" the blade.

The LaserSaber maintains its radiant brilliance even when the lights are on. The LaserSaber is interchangeable and will attach to any Spyder 3 model. The aircraft grade aluminum hilt ensures secure attachment of the blade. Due to the extreme powers of the Spyder 3, only operate while wearing LaserShades in a controlled environment.
The only downside? Between the laser and the saber mechanism, it'll cost you a cool $400 to start chopping off hands.

But the device is absolutely awesome, and the effects look to be about the closest anyone has ever gotten to making a real lightsaber.

Check out the LaserSaber in action below:

(Via Gizmodo)

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