McG admits he could have done better with Terminator 4's ending

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Dec 16, 2012

We've all accepted by now that Terminator: Salvation wasn't the franchise redemption we were hoping it would be. Even McG, who directed the franchise's fourth installment, seems willing to admit that things could have been better. In fact, while promoting his new movie, he had a few choice words about the flick's ending.

At a press conference promoting his action comedy This Means War, McG talked endings. For his new flick—a spy comedy in which Chris Pine and Tom Hardy fight over Reese Witherspoon—he actually considered releasing the flick with two endings in the style of Clue. He even considered ending the flick with Pine and Hardy getting together.

"That should have been the ending," Hardy said in response to the idea. "It would have been a really groundbreaking ending! You should have gone for it, really gone for it."

This is where Terminator: Salvation comes in. When Hardy said he should have gone with the edgier ending for This Means War, McG responded like this:

"I know, I know," McG answered. "I pussed out on the ending of Terminator 4 ... so I should've gone for the dark ending of this one."

Those of us who consider Salvation a less than impressive installment in the franchise know that the ending wasn't the only thing wrong with that flick. But at least McG is willing to admit that he could have done better, even if it was only a gag admission.

(Via MovieLine)