McG thinks you'd have liked his original Terminator Salvation ending better

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Dec 16, 2012

I think most fans can agree that Terminator Salvation was, to put it kindly, not very good—but director McG has now spilled about the dark ending he wanted to use that could have changed all that.

We already know McG thinks he botched the end (we'd have to agree), but he's finally spilled to Den of Geek what he originally had in mind (hint: it's not good for humanity).

"I kind of wished I would have ended the picture with a darker ending that I originally conceived that just put an end to it where effectively Skynet wins and it was jet black," he said. "I think the fans would have got a kick out of it, and in retrospect that was the one change I would have made, and it would have been fun to see that."

I've got to say, that would have definitely been a change-up from the hopeful, semi-cheesy finale we did get.

Sound off: Would a dark, hopeless fade to black have given this film the grit it so desperately needed, or would it have just been too little too late?

(via Geeks of Doom).